Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple and powerful technique used to release negative emotions such as stress, fear, anxiety, guilt, depression or any other negative emotions and enhance positive feelings.
It involves gentle tapping of meridian points on our body while thinking about a specific problem.
This is very critical aspect of our health and well-being because the reasearch has clearly concluded that over 90% of the diseases are psycho-somatic, (psycho means Mind and Soma means Body), they are mind-body related diseases.
EFT is a combination or Ayurvedic Marma Therapy, Chinese Accupuncture, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Therapy.

How EFT helps ?

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Do you find yourself suffering from anxiety, feel lonely and feel tired most of the time? Do you find it hard to feel happy, if yes, then you could be a victim of depression. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this world. There are estimated 350 million in the world who suffer from one or the other forms of depression.Depression can produce anxiety, guilt, uncontrollable emotions, apathy, hopelessness, discontent, and inability to feel pleasure, disinterest, sadness, and repetitive thoughts. It can also affect an individual’s entire body in the following ways: alterations in appetite resulting in either weight gain or weight loss, and a feeling of restlessness. Behaviorally, depressed individual may feel agitated, fatigued, irritable, experience excessive crying, or isolate him or herself socially.
Lastly, an individual suffering from depression often experiences cognitive disruptions such as lack of concentration, slowness in activity, and or thoughts of suicide.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help individuals overcome depression within a very short time. The results may be as fast as few minutes in some cases.It works on a proven principle that when you’re experiencing a negative emotional state, your brain goes into fight or flight mode. EFT Tapping calms down brain’s stress center (Amygdala) and resulting in a calming sensation. The focus is to accept and resolve negative emotions. EFT Tapping is a wonderful way to restore your mind body connection to a positive and healthy place.
The energy in the body is disrupted because of the negative emotions caused by depression, EFT helps balance the energy flow in the body hence the negative emotions are neutralized.​
EFT Tapping involves focusing on negative thoughts, using your fingertips to tap 5-7 times on 12 of the body’s meridian points and focusing on accepting and resolving the negative feelings. This allows you to access your internal energy and restore balance. With EFT Tapping, it’s possible to grow, flourish, thrive, and live a life filled with peacefulness and joy. EFT is found useful in producing not only obtainable results but also sustainable results.

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EFT Tapping's ability to transform personal relationships is remarkable. Whether your love or marriage relationship is unsatisfying, or whether you're dealing with a close personal relationship, EFT for relationships can help.
When we're upset by what another person does or says, we usually focus on getting them to change. Yet, if you've ever tried to change someone else's behavior, you'll remember that the effort is rarely successful!
EFT has you focus, first and foremost, on your own reactions. Perhaps you simmer with silent resentment when certain people speak. Perhaps you explode with loud anger when certain topics are mentioned.
The reason you're triggered is that the present situation reminds you of an early childhood experience. The other person just acts as a trigger to remind you of your earlier disempowering experience. EFT can help defuse the charge within. That gives you the gift of emotional freedom.
With EFT Tapping, it’s possible to grow, flourish, thrive, and live a life filled with peacefulness and joy. EFT is found useful in producing not only obtainable results but also sustainable results.Though other people might not change, they can no longer keep you in emotional bondage to your bad feelings. The other benefit of EFT is that relationships are systems. Each person in the relationship is part of the system. Families embody family systems; organizations have organizational cultures.
These are energy structures in which people relate. When one person gains emotional freedom, having defused their inner triggers, it changes the energy pattern of the whole system.Simply changing yourself often produces change in others, even though you're not seeking to change them.

Pain Relief
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Since childhood, we’ve been taught that physical pain originates in the body. Our earliest experiences with pain often happened after scraping a knee or being stung by a bee. The “fix” was usually to bandage the wound or ice the injury. As a result, we learned that pain relief comes from treating the body.
But what happens when that pain won’t go away, despite repeated attempts to heal the injury or physical condition that originally caused us pain?​
Many people suffer from chronic pain, even after pursuing conventional pain treatments that range from physical therapy to costly pharmaceuticals, even surgery. As just one example, of the hundreds of thousands who undergo knee replacement surgery each year, 20% continue to suffer from chronic pain long after recovering from surgery. If treating the body doesn’t relieve the pain, where do we look for pain relief?​
A growing body of research has confirmed that over 86% of diseases are psychosomatic in nature. Psycho means mind and soma means body. It is psychological challenges such as negative emotions, stress, anxiety resulting in physical diseases. Once we start addressing emotional issues, physical symptoms start to subside. Sometimes it happens in minutes.​
One Dutch study showed that challenging emotions like sadness and anger intensify pain in fibromyalgia sufferers and those without the disease. A separate study at Stanford University found that intense feelings of romantic love contribute to natural pain relief.​
With EFT, we can easily remove the negative emotions that are causing the physical dis-eases and help our muscles relax. Once the spasms are taken care with the relaxation of muscles, the blood flow restores and the pain disappears gradually.
EFT helps in restoring the balance in the internal energy so that any discomfort or dis-eases are taken care of.

Healing the Negative Past
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What if I tell you that it is possible rewrite your past? sounds ridiculous right? In fact, it's true that we cannot change the event, but can definitely change it's impact on our life. We grossly underestimate the impact our negative past has on us.
​These negative memories, events, experiences affect us in every area of our life, whether it is public speaking, finding a new relationship or having frequent panic attacks. The damage could be minor to major depending on the impact of negative past.

​What if there was a possibility to re-write the past so that it could no longer affect our life?
, Yes, EFT can help you reprogram your past and good news is past is like a recorded memory in our harddisk with all the emotions associated with it. If we recall our past, we just don’t recall but we actually relive the past. Hence, if you recall the demise of your loved ones, you will feel depressed or sometimes even experience severe grief in that moment. When we recall the past and tap simultaneously on the meridian points, grief or any negative emotions are neutralized. The trauma of the past looses the effect on us. EFT tapping doesn’t earse the memory but simply removes the charge associated with the negative past.

Weight Loss and Body Confidence
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Do you dislike your body? Do you constantly compare yourself with those who look better than you and feel unhappy? Don't worry, you are not alone, research has shown that whopping 92% women &
86% men don't like their appearance. It's not very surprising considering the importance our society has attached to the physical beauty.
The real tragedy is, people who don't have great physical appearance as per societal standards are made to believe that they are not good enough !!

Unfortunately this limiting belief affects their performance and health.
This wrong belief is fed to our mind from our early childhood and most of the people end up feeling miserable for the rest of their life thinking that they are not worth it just because they are not good looking. The trauma of being bullied by the classmates, or belittled in any social gathering add to our suffering and the memories keep resurfacing. These memories not only affect us emotionally but slowly turn into physical diseases.

EFT is extremely effective in removing the limiting beliefs about our appearance and also helps in removing addictions, craving and other challenges associated with weight gain. It also helps in weight gain if you are too thin by eliminating the limiting belief about your body.
EFT helps in neutralizing the emotional charge associated with memories of humiliation, hopelessness, helplessness, anger, frustration and much more. Once the emotional charge is neutralized, you will stop feeling miserable and stop eating with guilt. The body automatically restores it’s natural metabolism rate and stops accumulating the fat as a result of stress.
EFT is being used worldwide for weightloss and restoring body confidence and the results are beyond ordinary.

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Butterflies in your stomach before an important event? Worried about how you will meet a deadline? Nervous about a medical or dental procedure? If so, you are like most people, for whom some worry about major events (like having a child, taking an exam, or buying a house), and/or practical issues (like money or health conditions), or a fear of something is likely to go wrong and the list is endless.

​But allowing them to affect your life to an extent that they paralyze you from carrying out your normal activities is not a healthy situation.​Anxiety could range from constant physical discomfort in your body to panic attacks leaving you immobile..

Unfortunately we know that it’s illogical to be anxious, but we are unable to feel calm and relaxed.

What if there was a simple technique that can help a student feel relaxed, calm and confident before the exam, what if we are calm and patiently wait for our kids to return home even if it gets slightly delayed in the night, or keep ourselves calm under any stressful situation with just few minutes of EFT tapping.

Yes, it is quite possible to neutralize anxiety within a short time easily and effectively by leveraging the power of EFT tapping.

These are some of the examples, one can use EFT for many other challenges such as student performance issues, mobile and social media addictions, low self- esteem or self-confidence, performance enhancement, mental chatter to name a few.

Here's some evidence:

Documentary from BBC on the effectiveness of EFT ( Interview with Professor Tony Steward in Jan 2014)


This is from the international body for EFT certification. EFT International formely know as AAMET (Association of Advanced Meridian Energy Technologies)


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TED talk on the benefits of EFT to enhance the study performance of students and remove exam fear