Our Approach

How does this work?

We need set up a consulting session in person or via skype or a video call. Each session could take any where between 60 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the issue to be resolved.
The entire conversation is strictly confidential and any information discussed during the consultation will remain between the counselor and the client.

What happens during the session?

First few minutes is usually spent in understanding each other and also about the entire approach. The intervention is very gentle. It is a safe environment and you may chose to discuss any issue without any inhibition and it is my assurance that you will not be judged.
After I get to know your challenges, we will establish what to accomplish during the first session. Sometimes the issues may get resolved in the first sitting itself or some times it may take more than one session.
You may need to mirror my actions while I tap on the meridian points on myself or I may seek your permission to tap on you. This will help you focus on the issue rather than trying to remember the tapping points.

How do you feel during the session?

It is a safe and a very comforting environment. You may experience a shift in your emotions while tapping and sometimes you may also experience completely different emotions surfacing.
You may be surprised with yourself as you may not have predicted the outcome. This intervention is purely emotional and beyond logic, hence you cannot predict the nature of emotions that might emerge during the session. You may think you know the root cause, but most of the times, I have seen clients are pleasantly surprised with their own shift in thinking and outcome.
You may also experience subtle changes in your physical body. You may experience a sense of relief from pain or burden being taken off. The mantra is to go with the flow.
The intervention is totally safe and there is no need to panic even for a moment during the entire session. To get the best results, 100% transperancy and trusting the counselor is an absolute must. We will have some lighter moments of laughter and fun during the session. None of my sessions will follow a particular pattern. Every single session is different and spontaneous.

How do you feel after the session?

You will feel light with no mental chatter and completely serene. It feels as if some one has rebooted your brain. It will be still and silent. You will feel as if some one has wiped your slate and you are ready to start all over again. These are not my words. These are some of the testimonials I received from my clients.

How many sessions do you have to undergo to get the results?

Unlike many other counseling therapies, this is a rapid, result oriented intervention. Most of the times you may not need more than one session. If the issue is too deep or we have to address several issues, you may need more than one session. The number of sessions will be mutually decided and agreed upon.

What happens after the session? Is there any homework or follow-up work that I need to do?

Yes, you may be required to tap regularly at home at least a couple of times during the day. I will provide you with a clear script to tap and you may also use your words for tapping. If you are given a Bach Flower Remedy, you may need to take it for a period of 3 weeks minimum. The dosage instructions will be given during the session.

Can I talk to you after the session for any clarifications, would there be any extra charge?

Absolutely, you can always give me a call for any help or clarifications without any hesitation. There will not be any extra charges for that.

Can someone accompany me during the session?

Absolutely they can, I would prefer them be seated outside during the session as I am bound by the privacy norms. I have seen clients not being fully expressive in front of their relatives or friends. Hence, I would prefer them to be outside. Under extreme conditions, there is no harm to have that person in the room with the prior permission from the client.

Can we have a session via phone or video call?

Yes, it can be done. I prefer video calling over phone as I will be able calibrate the expressions during tapping. This will help me decide the approach as the session progresses.
Results are the same whether we do it in person or over a call. It depends on how well you are able to express and articulate your problems.

What modalities will you use during the session?

It depends on the issue. I will take a call whether to use EFT tapping , or Bach Remedies or Access bars. I may use all the three if need be.
Most of the times, we use 2 modalities to address the challenges. Very rarely, if ever, I may use all the three.

What are the professional Charges?

The professoinal charges are ₹ 2000 per session. The charges are the same whether it is in person or over a call. The session duration could vary from 60 to 90 minutes depending the problem.
The cost of Bach Flower Remedies is extra and will be charged at ₹ 500 per bottle that could last for about 3 to 4 weeks.