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Hi, I am Rekha Neeraj Kumar, I am a psychologist, Counselor, Certified EFT Practitioner and a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner (BFRP) from UK. I am so glad you are here and thank you for your time and interest. I am a mother of a teenager, married for 23 years and live in a joint family with 8 of my family members.

I have some interesting hobbies to share with you. I am a veena (musical instrument) player, interior designer, painter, web designer and I love traveling and cooking exotic dishes.
I sincerely believe that we are born to be happy and healthy and deserve a life of our dreams. Unfortunately, when I saw around, that was not true including my own life.

I am in this place not by a chance. I saw people in every walk of life suffering irrespective of age and gender. Interestingly it had nothing to do their family background, educational qualification, social or financial status. Though the causes were different but the suffering was common.

In my pursuit and passion to help people, I came across some amazing breakthroughs in the areas of health and emotional well-being and I am passionate to share with you all. My deepest wish and vision is to see everyone happy and do my bit to create a better life for everyone.

I work with fortune 500 organizations and help people from various walks of life including students, celebrities, corporate professionals, home makers, business professionals, senior and anyone who needs help

I thank you for taking your valuable to time to read about me and wish to add value to you as much as I can. Wishing you all the health and happiness in the world

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Ashwini Harsha

Home Maker

I am a homemaker, vocalist and a mother of a baby girl. Anxiety and impatience were troubling me a lot and was unable to enjoy my life. It was taking a toll on my health as well. I was also dragged into a legal battle and was in a great deal of mental stress. I took help from Rekha, her approach is unique and result oriented. She combines traditional counseling with modalities like EFT and Bach Remedies. The results are quite rapid and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to get rapid and immediate results.



Medical Student, USA

Rekha makes her clients comfortable and is extremely approachable. She was able to get to the roots to my emotional blockages and help me release those during our EFT sessions. Following the sessions with Rekha my concentration improved tremendously. There was an improvement in my performance on a competitive examination. She is also very accommodating of her clients needs and helps them ease into the session. I would highly recommend EFT sessions with Rekha.



Short Film Director

According to me Mental Health is one of the most under rated fitness goals. I, myself was facing issues tackling work stress, emotional issues, anxiety and fear. Like any other young adult even I had grown fearful of the future as to what path should I choose? What career would be the best for me? What if I make a wrong choice? and so on Unfortunately, the lockdown started when I had just graduated and was about to step into the real world. So the anxiety and over thinking was a 100 times worse. To top it all of I had started dwelling on my past more and more and had landed myself in an internal turmoil with no direction to come out of it. I was helpless.


Sridhar Appasamy

Marketing Research Analyst

I had been going for treatment for anxiety and depression for several years. Around two years back, a psychiatrist identified the actual problem as severe emotional and physical abuse by my mother. I went for treatment with hypnosis, EMDR, and Psychodrama. Though these helped to an extent, I found myself sliding back. I then thought of trying EFT. I search and found Dr. Rekha who is a psychologist apart from being a certified EFT practitioner. With just a few sessions, she got me out of trauma, suffering, shame, guilt, self blame, fears and what not that I had been carrying from childhood, and which years of other treatments like talk therapy couldn't. I have also read that healing from this abuse is slow and painful. Dr.Rekha uses methods in EFT like NLP that make it work fast and with much less pain. And with her encouragement, I started tapping on my own, I could start tapping on my own to clear negative beliefs. She also prescribed Bach flower remedies that helped too. She genuinely cares that her patients get well soon, unlike some commercial doctors I have met. I could be very open and free with her, and she was very supportive at all times. I am extremely grateful to her for changing my life. And EFT is really a magical tool to clear psychologocal and emotional problems.


K Jayateerthachar

Rtd., Controller of Accounts

I am 82 years young, my major issue was sleeplessness and anxiety. I used to get up at least 4 times during the night to attend to nature call. I have been suffering for the past 8 years. I was initially skeptical about Bach Remedies but had nothing to lose. Hence I tried, I am actually surprised. I sleep very well now, it has been over 2 years that I am able to sleep well, I feel calm and in peace with myself. Bach Remedies is a part of my life now. Thanks Rekha for your help.


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